Selling in this market? This Checklist will save you thousands!

  • FIX SMALL JOBS BUT DON’T RENOVATE EXTENSIVELY: There are many different cultures and your taste may not be what buyers are looking for so major renovations may not enhance the price. Lots of buyers like to do DIY renovations. However do any minor repairs, get them sorted and give the buyers the impression the home is well cared for. Look at the tiles that need replacing in the photo below.
  • GET RID OF THE CLUTTER: General untidiness will not cut it. The photographer will need ALL surfaces and the floor in the home completely clear of all items whatsoever. Creating a clean spacious home allows a potential buyer to picture where everything may go. Please place all items either away in a cupboard or in one spare room or the garage. This includes every room in the house.
  • FRESHEN UP YOUR KITCHEN AND MAKE YOUR BATHROOM SPARKLE. No full on kitchen or bathroom renovation required but find some affordable ways to make kitchens and bathrooms more appealing, replacing cupboard doors, floors, rusty taps in need of replacing etc. Put in some elbow grease and clean, clean, clean: all glass, windows, mirrors, shower screens. Shampoo carpets and sofas.
  • PAINTING: Transform your home with the cheapest and simplest way possible. Natural tones are best and try to stay as close to neutral as possible for creating a fresh clean look, and appealing to a wider buyer segment. The green on the windowsills is a big no no.
  • LET THERE BE LIGHT: A dark and dimly lit home can feel cold and uninviting so open up all your curtains and blinds and try to let as much natural light in as possible.
  • SPRUCE UP THE GARDEN AND OUTSIDE: Gurney driveway, paths, mow & edge lawns, weed the garden, buy a new letterbox if looking a bit tattered. Clean and paint walls if need be. If you have a front fence make sure it opens smoothly and get rid of kids toys, bikes, garden equipment and trailer in the home pictured above.
  • PICK YOUR AGENT WELL: Get an appraisal from a local experienced agent who can sell covid safely. Our fees are very competitively priced and we offer an extremely cost effective marketing strategy.

Article written by Bruce McCray GK Property Station St Kogarah

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